Would you like to earn some cash fast? Or rack up some credit good towards free computer service for yourself?
We are now offering an incredible referral program which allows us to pay out up to $70.00 for just (1) referral.
We can offer a $70.00 service credit to our current clients for any referrals which generate at least 3 hours of work for us. We can also offer non-clients $50.00 cash for any referrals which generate at least 3 hours of service work for us. Payment to referrers will be made once the minimum required amount of hours (3) are paid for. There is not yet a limit as to how many referrals one can refer so long as each new account subscribes to the minimum amount of work hours and pays for them.

Interested? If so, send referrals to info@ecs-info.com
Provide all your contact information including a payment address along with the referral and their corresponding information. All referrals must be in need of some service and be expecting our call once we receive their information.

And also, keep in mind that we only accept clientele out of region based in
Northern Virginia and DC metro.


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